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it's time to step up.

To take back your life.

To stop existing only within a provider paradigm.

To do things differently than those that have come before.

Own your masculine & feminine, show up for yourself and your loved ones AND live the life you desire. 

Heal your shadow and reclaim your healthy polarity. It's only one step away.

how i can help...

My passion lies in helping people get unstuck, using his unique perspective and lessons of growth through life’s challenges.

Using my experiences with childhood/family trauma, career challenges, mental health issues (anxiety/depression), addiction, marriage, divorce, sexual identity and co-parenting, Luke can relate life’s challenges and help people thrive alongside their struggles.

After working in the trade and mining industry for 15 years I have helped people in mental health, addiction and relationships for the past five years, plus done thousands of hours of personal development.


I am eager to use proven relationship tools in communication, NLP techniques, mindfulness, meditation, sales, leadership and management to bring you connection and growth.

I only take on those who are unique and special in the fact that they want my support, I am not interested in changing or manipulating a client for mine or someone else's gain, I am not interested in helping people stay stuck in their shit or justify it.


I help people change themselves so their lives and their relationships can change, that ends up flowing everything in their life.

​I offer 1 on 1 coaching for individuals and couples, employee assistance coaching and facilitate workshops.

I cannot wait to work with you!

about me

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luke skewes
identify as he/him, queer

Coach, podcaster, speaker and human lover!

Luke is driven to help people navigate life challenges and come out stronger and more connected to themselves. He is a qualified Master NLP and TimeLine Therapy practitioner, with experience in addiction recovery and mental health support.

Aside from individual/couples coaching, podcasting, running mens & women's group programs, Luke regularly runs workshops on relating.

He is an experienced speaker, having spoken at five Enlightenment in The Bedroom events, sexpo, countless podcasts and radio interviews. Follow on Insta @lukeskewes for more on him!

what i offer

I get a lot of people come through me program that say “oh my god, this is so much different from what I have experienced in counselling before or what thought coaching would be.⁠”

A lot of people think what I do is counselling, it's not, it is very different. A lot of the time when a client goes to counselling it is because someone wants them to.


A lot of the time the client goes in thinking they are going to get torn apart, that the counsellor will go on an archaeological expedition to dig up the past, nothing changes, no one wins but it becomes very obvious just how f*cked things are. One session and never ever again.


At least that is the perception of counselling, who wants in?


That is a generalisation, counselling has also had some great outcomes for people I know. There are some incredible counsellors around but men rarely seek them out on their own.

That is not coaching, coaching is about acknowledging the past, educating and using proven tools to process and move forward with actionable steps to break out of our story.


It is a dynamic fluid program, it is a safe container, it is positive mentoring and it is powerful. ⁠

I am not your average coach, I am are unique, I am special, I have tools, experience and training that others do not. I have a holistic perspective.⁠ 


I have worked as an electrician in heavy industry for fifteen years up and down the chain of management. I have been divorced, re married, co parent my children, been made redundant, been fired, promoted, had car accidents, come out as a queer man, navigated my own mental health and substance abuse issues.


I have learned from this and share those perspectives with my clients.

I offer coaching to humans in need of support, who desire positive change in their lives.


" Luke helped me uncover my “shit” and provided tools to help shift it.  We laughed a lot, I cried a little and worked hard to put these new learnings and skills into practice.  As a result, I truly feel more confident in myself and ability to cope with life's curveballs, I have a sense of clarity about who I am and who I’m growing into, my relationship is in this delicious, loved-fuelled flow-state and I've healed some of the old relationship wounds."

lauren d

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